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Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahans

About Swamiji

was one of the greatest Yogis of the 20th century. He lived the life of extreme renunciation and austerity mostly in the Himalayas practicing all that is laid down in the scriptures for the realization of soul and God and spent a life time in reviving the ancient science of Yoga.



The education is based totally in Patanjali yoga shastra. The main activity of the Ashram is to train and provide guidance in the practice of Patanjali's eight fold paths. This includes physical, mental and spiritual training.


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Facilities We Provide

Sadhna Hall

Sadhna Hall or the meditation hall, has got room cooler as well as air conditioner for the comfort of the students, to enable them to practice meditation quite comfortably.

Yoga Hall

Yoga Hall cum Samadhi hall is exclusively used morning and evening for Asanas and Pranayams, Kriyas are done once a week & there is a big platform


Library is well stocked of spiritual Literature of well known writers in different language, some of the publication have been translated to foreign languages as well.


Ashram has a community Kitchen where food is prepared free from all type of spices and chilles. Different variety of breakfast are prepared mainly of porridge and tea.


India has forgotten the traditions of Yoga. Even the name of Sage Patanjali was known only in the small circles of scholars. The philosophy of Yoga was studied by persons who wanted to specialize in the six schools of Philosophy. The Yoga of Patanjali is an important part of Philosophy. But it was studied not for practice but for the acquisition of learning. In the present age the practical yogis are extremely rare but Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati had revived the ancient yogic system and given it a new direction.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

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How to Reach Us

How to Reach Us

For those who choose to continue their way by air, there are currently domestic flights to nearby Dehradun



Exuding a serene ambience, Yoga Niketan Ashram welcome guests into a relaxing space that blends rich